Step by Step Holistic health was born in 2016. It has come from a place of self-healing and experience and developed into a holistic practice to show and help others to do the same.

After finding myself in a position where I had hit rock bottom for reasons too complex to go into here, I had to find a way to pick myself back up.

I worked hard on myself, my mind, my body and during that time I found Reflexology as a therapy to support me in many ways. I started seeing a therapist regularly who not only gave me the most amazing and relaxing treatments but started to help me understand why my body, mind and soul were reacting in the way that they were to the external pressures and effects placed upon them. The overwhelm that was happening within my body was having profound effects on my whole being and through Reflexology and a more holistic approach to my health I was able to start rebuilding myself.

At times it felt impossible, like the fog would never lift and like I was wading through water but I started very gradually to adopt the approach of ‘one day at a time’ – each step forward was a progress and ‘Step by Step’ I found a way from the bottom and back onto the ladder.

Throughout this process I found the strength to realise that my current career was no longer serving me, in its latter years being a serving Police Officer put me under immense physical, emotional and mental pressure but without the support system around me. It was having way too much of an unhealthy impact on me and my young family so I found the courage to tender my resignation and continue to move forwards.

It was from here that I saw the chance to pave a new path for myself, I started to see that holistic therapies, lifestyle and choices could really help other people in the same way that it had helped me and I wanted to start to share this with people.

I started where my heart told me to by training in Reflexology, something that I don’t think I would be where I am today without. It took 9 months of training to achieve my level 3 diploma which was a huge learning curve and an amazing experience

I am already moving towards more qualifications in Reiki and Healthy Eating/Nutrition and have further plans to build up my knowledge and expertise in being able to help people take small steps and giant leaps towards better health.

The premise of my future is working with you so together we can take it Step by Step towards health, wellbeing and happiness, the same way I did, the way that it works.